Men’s Wallet

৳ 600.00

1. 8 Slots for credit cards
2. 1 Hidden pocket behind credit card slots
3. 2 Sections for notes/receipts
4. Extra fold out compartment for id/driving license
5. “Matching lining for Classic Tan colorway, contrast red lining for Dark or Black”
     Dimensions W – 13cm H – 10cm D – 1.5cm

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Product Description

This wallet has extra space for the gentleman who has more to carry. With an extra compartment for carrying id or a driving license, this accessory is for the gentleman who likes to be prepared!

Fashion trends in the handbag industry keeps changing but one segment which has had a constant demand is men’s wallets. In fact even though the styles keep evolving the demand is constant for the little square or rectangular piece of leather. Men have an interesting relationship with the essential must have, call it a wallet, money purse or billfold. On a practical note it organizes a man’s daily needs – cash, credit and debit cards, ID cards, driving license and more. There is almost some sort of physical connection. Keeping aside the practical usage it is also a much treasured accessory representing money, power, and influence. This makes the branding, the finish and quality equally important. Men normally don’t buy varieties like women who match their outfits. An average guy may have one or two wallets at the most. But there is always a demand for the same as no guy can stay without one. Some women carry wallets too. An efficient bag store must have a ready collection of wallets in a range of colors, textures, designs and makes. For sourcing Wholesale mens wallets, the prominent web site suggests www.holyworld.com. This bag supplier offers different types of men’s purses with value for money.